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Board of Management












Zhanat Umarov

Chairman of the Board of "Medservice Plus" – General Director

In 1987, Zhanat graduated from "Kazakh State Medical Institute" with honors with a degree in "General Medicine". From 1987 to 1991, he was working as a researcher in the "Thoracic Surgery" department of the "Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology". From 1991 to 1993, he was a postgraduate student in "All - Russian Cancer Research Center", Moscow. In 1993, he defended his candidate's dissertation on the "Treatment of Cancer of the Esophagus". In 1998, he graduated from the "Eurasian Market Institute" with a specialization in "Finance and Credit". From 1995 he was working as a Deputy Director of "Astana – Medservice" LLP. In 1998 he became the head of "Medservice Richter" JV. Since 2001, he is the Chairman of the Board of the "Medservice Plus". 


Arman Zhulkashev

Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Medservice Plus" - Executive Director

In 1988 - 1992, Arman was studying at "ATIRPiKh", Astrakhan, in 1996 from "Al - Farabi Kazakhstan State University" with a degree in "Biology". In 2003, he graduated with honors from "Ryskulov Kazakhstan Economic University" with a degree in "Finance". From 1998 to 2000, he was working as a commercial manager in the representative office of the "Gedeon Richter" plant of Hungary. Arman, began his business career in the company "Astana - Medservice" from 1996 as a manager, after some time as a head of customs department. Since 2000, he is an Executive Director General, he supervises departments, that covers general administrative matters: personnel, warehouse, transport logistics, IT department, registration and licensing.  




Yerdenbekova Saida

Member of the Board of "Medservice Plus" - Business Development Director

In 1993, Saida graduated from the Almaty State Medical Institute. S. Asfendiyarova with a degree in Pharmacy, with the qualification of a pharmacist.
She has been with Medservice Plus from 2000 to the present. For 12 years she worked in a pharmacy warehouse, from a pharmacist to the position of warehouse manager.
In 2012, she was appointed Authorized Person for Quality; in 2014, she became Director of the Quality Department of KFK Medservice Plus LLP. She is currently the Director of the business development department, with supervision of the launch and development of the production site.
During her work at the Company, she carried out effective work on certification of pharmacies and pharmacy warehouses of the Company for compliance with GPP, GDP standards. As a project manager, she successfully completed the construction, equipment, automation and launch of a Class A pharmacy warehouse in Almaty. In addition, Saida leads other company development projects. She is a member of the working group on the formation of common approaches to regulating drug circulation within the EEC. She is a participant in the development of a draft agreement on common principles and rules for medical devices and medical equipment on the territory of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space under the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Saida participates in a project for labeling goods in the CU countries.





Lira Kaimoldina

Member of the Board of "Medservice Plus"  - Financial Director

In 1997, Lira graduated from "East Kazakhstan State University" with a specialization in "State and Municipal Management", in 2005, from "Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relations" with a specialization in "Jurisprudence". She successfully worked in various companies: from 2000 till 2005, as a chief of the internal audit department in the "March" LLP, as a chief accountant; from 2005 till 2006, vice chairman of the board for financial matters in the JSC "KazRuno"; from 2006 till 2007, financial director of the "ST Group Wool Corporation" LLP. Lira has been working in the company "Medservice Plus" as a Financial Director since 2008, from 2007, she coordinates the issues of asset management, budget planning and execution, auditing, tax planning, accounting and management reporting. She permanently upgrades her professional skills and is certified as a practicing accountant as per IAS (CAP). In 2010, she received MBA degree from "International Academy of Business" with a specialization in "Corporate Management". Also she obtained the Diploma ACCA DipIFR and Certified Public Accountant RK (IFRS).




Sergey Shevchenko

Member of the Board of "Medservice Plus" - Director of Commerce

In 1981, Sergey graduated from "Tselinograd Co-operative Technical School" with a specialization in "Commodity Expert of Industrial and Foodstuffs". In 1984, he graduated from "Karaganda Co-operative Institute" with a specialization in "Commodity expert". During 1981 till 1984, he was working in the “Consumers' Co-operative Society” as a vice-president of the board of the "Majakovsky SRK" of Turgayskiy area. From 1984 till 1989, he was working as a director of household train URSA "Tselintransstroy". During 1989 till 1993, he was engaged in enterprise activity, as a director of the small state enterprise. Then from 1993 till 1996, he has been appointed as a vice-president of the board of the joint-stock company URS "Tselintransstroy". He began his activity in the company "Medservice Plus" in 1998 as a Director of Branch Office in Astana. Since 2010, he is a member of the Board, controls the branch networks of  "Medservice Plus".




Saule Turkpenova

Member of the Board of "Medservice Plus" - HR Director

In 1992, Saule graduated with honors from the Kazakh State Pedagogical Institute and received the qualification "Teacher of Psychology and Pedagogy". From 1994 to 1997 she studied at the post-graduate course of KazGU named after Al-Farabi specialty "Sociology and Psychology." After defending her Ph.D. thesis, she taught at the department "Sociology and Law" of the Kazakh Economic University named after. T. Ryskulov.
From 1995 to 2004 Worked in the legal company "Basis Realty", as its executive director. In 2000 she graduated from Central-Asian University with a degree in Law.
In 2005 she headed the Personnel Management Department of "KazTeleRadioCompany" 31CHANNEL.
From 2006 to 2009 she held the position of managing director in JSC TemirBank, oversaw the work of the HR department.
From 2009 to 2014 - Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Studies at the University of International Business - UIB.
At present he is a consultant of the Institute of Human Perspectives (Astana), he participates in projects for the development of human resources in various fields and fields of activity.
Since 2014, he has been heading the Personnel Management Department of Medservice Plus.




Svetlana Volchenko

Member of the Board of "Medservice Plus" - Deputy of distribution

In 2004 Svetlana graduated from the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics. In the company "MEDSERVICE PLUS" has been working since 2005, Svetlana started her work as a manager of the department of public procurement and in 2007 she headed the department . From 2011 to 2015, she headed the department of foreign economic activity. At present, Svetlana is the Director of the Logistics Department, she is responsible for organizing logistics in the company.




Akmaral Salamat

Member of the Board of "Medservice Plus" - Advisor to the Chairman

In 2010, Akmaral graduated with honors from the University of London, "King's College London University", majoring in Business Management, and joined the Board of Medservice Plus in 2009. She oversees the financial restructuring of the company and cooperation with international financial organizations. 



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