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Pharmacy network "Pharmacom"

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  • Convenient pharmacy network
  • Open trade format
  • A wide range of legal products for beauty and health
  • Comprehensive consultation of specialists
  • Affordable prices

A subsidiary company "MS Help" was organized in 1996 with the opening of three pharmacies in Almaty. Growing demand and increasing in a wide range of medicines, and products for beauty and health has led to the discovery of the first open format pharmacy in Kazakhstan in 2002.The total area of pharmacy trade hall varies from 35 to 160 sq. meters. It presents all the products for the health and beauty: from the medicines and medical devices, children and diabetic nutrition, hygiene products, parapharmaceuticals and skin care products.

Wide range over 5,000 medicines, easy access to products, comfortable design and layout, lack of queues and good service - are the main benefits of "Pharmacom". For operational efficiency in pharmacies, installed software of quantitative account of the goods flow, where sales provides through bar - code. Automation of accounting has increased the company's ability to expand the range of products, also has made the process of selling / buying for pharmacists and customers more comfortable and qualitative.

Director of "Pharmacom" Utegenova Galiya Sainovna

In 2007, was opened 10 new pharmacies in order to expand the pharmacy network and brand promotion of "MS Help". Later in Astana was established branch of the company with 5 new pharmacies and vaccination clinics.

Created a unified style of interior and exterior design of our pharmacies, performed initial positioning of pharmacy network.

Pricing policies of our network focused at all the key customers of pharmacies, it is mostly retired and disabled by disease, working women, housewives, and families with children.

In 2007, the network of pharmacies vaccination "MS Help" have received the certificate ISO 9001:2000, which is the official confirmation of the high quality of our services.



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